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John Rebell grew up on an island off the coast of Maine, USA. His first job was on a commercial fishing boat in his early teens. When he was 18, he joined the Merchant Marines. He spent 11 years traveling the world and spent most of his time in Asia. He left the Merchant Marines as a Chief Pumpman on oil tankers.

He went back to school for criminal justice, quickly got bored, and opened his own private investigation agency in the Midwest. He sold the business 5 years later and returned to Asia, living for next 4 years in Thailand, and Vietnam.

In 1995, he met his wife in Vietnam and was married. As far as he knows, his marriage was the first marriage between a US citizen and a Vietnamese national after Clinton normalized diplomatic relations that same year. The Vietnamese refused to renew his visa and he was forced out of the country one month later. Ending up in Bangkok, Thailand, he taught university level English, as well as opened a business writing and designing textbooks.

After returning to the US in 1999 got involved in the real estate boom on the West coast, and returned to Asia in 2005. His son was born the same year. He opened a biofuels consultancy business serving Southeast Asia. In this capacity, he traveled all over Southeast Asia. He now splits his time between the Midwest USA and Southeast Asia.

This is first novel. He is at work on a second.

You can contact him here, and as long as you're polite, you'll receive a personal reply.

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