Three Pagoda Pass Characters

Meet The Cast and Crew of Three Pagoda Pass.

You'll meet good guys, and not so good, good guys. You'll find idealistic people wanting to make a difference. You'll find jaded businessmen wanting to make a buck, indifferent bureaucrats who are supposed to help people, and could care less and indifferent to the suffering they cause.

You'll meet helicopter pilots with secrets and door gunners without fear. Combat mercenaries, and business mercenaries. Children orphaned by war, and children orphaned by greed. People displaced by civil war, child soldiers, and warlords who keep the conflict going. You'll step inside a refugee camp, and smell what it's like inside a refugee camp hospital.

Get ready for the non-stop ride of your life.

On this page you can meet with the entire cast of characters, including…

The good guys here

The bad guys here

The people stuck in between here.

All characters in this novel are fictitious. No character is based on a real person

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