Three Pagoda Pass Characters

The Cast and Crew of Three Pagoda Pass.

Meet the bad guys


The "General," Warlord.

Sociopathic, homicidal, commander of a child army, with no restraint whatsoever. Those are his good points. The General doesn't want the hospital at the refugee camp to get its supplies and medicine, he'd rather steal them for himself. Not only that, but a healthy population might turn on him. There's also bad blood between him and McAdams. The General wants him, and everyone in the refugee camp dead.



 Richard "Jenk" Jenkins, US Ambassador to Thailand.

Jenk likes Thai girls half his age and is not above accepting bribes if he thinks he can get away with it. When Shaif comes to him with a business idea that is a sure-fire money maker he's on board. He has no problem that it involves Crimes Against Humanity as long as no strings leads back to him.


Alexander Sharif, CEO, Sandstone Pharmaceutical

Sharif has got a multi billion dollar market to conquer. Since Geri Hendrix was good enough to pioneer his organ rejection drugs for him, now all he needs to do is perform "clinical trials." With the refugee camp he gets to kill two money-making birds with one stone. He gets to tap into the lucrative black market organ harvesting market, as well as test his own organ rejection drugs. Win/win…except for the refugees who can't refuse, or fight back.

markeyDr. Markey, Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Markey left his medical ethics at the door a long time ago. He's been recruited by Sharif to head up the organ transplantation side of the business. He likes his job a bit too much. When he can't find enough suitable "donors" he sends Paul Savage out to kidnap them.






Paul Savage, ex-commando, Corporate "Fixer."

Paul works for Sharif as his "point man" for "special projects." He will do just about anything for a price. From burglary, to arson, to murder. Paul likes playing both sides against the middle, especially if he can come out ahead. Paul also has his own sense of (skewed) honor, but this doesn't stop him from betraying Cobalt to the General.

One, or the other, won't make it back in one piece.


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All characters in this novel are fictitious. No character is based on a real person.

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