Three Pagoda Pass Characters

The Cast and Crew of Three Pagoda Pass.

Max-CobaltMax Cobalt, 44 years old, "Corporate Raider"

He might be a good guy…it's hard to tell. Nor does he care what people think of him, or how his actions appear to others. Entrepreneur magazine called him the "21st. century Entrepreneur." He will use unorthodox methods and is not above breaking the law. He is honest, at least…until they cross him. He can also be completely ruthless, even a killer if the situation call for it. Max is not bound by political correctness, or societies conventions.


anya chinAnya Chin, PHD

Doctor of Biology, 26 year old, female, Asian Doctor of Biology./Teacher

She feels a connection to one of her students. When Geri's house is burned down and his mother murdered, he calls her. Then they find some incriminating evidence and she brings him to a friend of hers (Cobalt) in order to help him. She gets drawn into the action of the story from a feeling of responsibility.



geri hendrixGeri Hendrix, 17 years old, Student Genius

Geri has built a bioreactor and a "super strain" of algae capable of curing world hunger. Big Pharm wants it. They aren't above stealing it, or even murdering his mother to get it.


My Lin, 12 years old, Orphan

My Lin is a throw away child, living in a garbage dump outside Yangon, Burma. When her parent died, she was forced to pay off their debts, even if it means the horrific reality of child slavery. Some say her mother was a witch, and passed the knowledge on to her daughter. But this isn't your normal 12 year old girl.



Dr. Michael McAdams, 35 years old, Doctors Without Borders.

McAdms is the only doctor in a refugee camp with no food, no clean water, no sanitation, and no medical supplies. The refugee camp has over 20,000 people, and suffers from complete indifference from the outside world. If he can misplace his medical ethics, his problems are solved. If he can't, he'll probably die along with the rest.


ning1 Captain Ning, 26, Thai Army, Helicopter Pilot

Captain Ning leads a double life, her secrets known only to few. She's assigned by her superiors to bring Cobalt and a field hospital to a refugee camp in Burma. Little does she know, she's flying to hell..




weeSergeant Wee, 26, Capt. Ning's Door Gunner

Known for his insane bravery, Wee's got a screw loose or two. He likes .50 caliber machine guns, his Captain, and very little else. He also has a problem following orders.


monk1 The Monk, age unknown,

The Monk is an enigma. He's from Thailand, speaks English, but doesn't want to talk about himself or his past. He's only interested in his Karmic journey. Some say he can read minds, others say he knows the future. He's got his own agenda and no one seems to know what it is.




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All characters in this novel are fictitious. No character is based on a real people.

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