Three Pagoda Pass Characters

The Cast and Crew of Three Pagoda Pass.

The People Stuck in Between Two Competing Forces

child-soldiers1Child Soldiers

In researching this novel, one of the most difficlut aspects was that of the child soldiers. Having seeing these soldiers first hand in my travels, and reading hundreds of accounts, it is hard to grasp the brutality these children endure. Only because of an accident of birth and geography, are these children any different than your own. It is very unsettling to watch these kids play kick ball, or tag, like any normal child their age, then pick up an AK-47 and head off to "work."



refugee-camps1The Refugee Camp

The refugee camp is real. It doesn't exist in the location I placed it in the story though. I've tried to reproduce it in the novel as faithfully as I could.




McAdams Hospital

Dirt floors, no running water, no sanitation, no medical supplies to speak of, these conditions not only exist, but are the norm.



Longneck_Hilltribes Long Neck Karin

Ethic Burmese and Thai, they along with the Rohingya are in a constant state of civil war that has been raging unchecked for over 60 years. No one is even sure what it is about anymore. The Rohingya are Muslims however, which is at odds with the rest of the country. While that explanation is too simplistic, it does provide the basis. These people are literally outcasts in their own land, and no other country is willing to take them.



RohingyaThe Rohingya

The list of abuses, and human rights violations against the Rohingya would take a book to describe. The are also outcasts in their own country.


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All characters in this novel are fictitious. No character is based on a real person

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