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But not any kind of thrillers. Some have called his novels "edgy" and "dark," others think they have the nail-biting edge of reality that's lacking in today's fiction. They have that gritty edge because John grounds all his fiction firmly in reality. Some parts are first hand accounts. Other parts are the result of exhaustive research.

If however you want to take an unstoppable thrill ride of your life, explore this website and see if this is a world you want to explore.Don't say we didn't warn you.

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  1. Dirkje
    4 years ago

    I just finished "Mia's Journey" and was really touched by the intriguing plot, the interesting characters and the amazing storyline.Since reading is one of my passions, I did read a lot of books (long live the I-net with its many many e-books) but seldom did I came across a book that touched my heart the way this book did. Certainly a recommendation to all lovers of books and great stories!!!I am so looking forward to read more from you, thanks again for such fantastic "readinghours". Sincere greethings from a Dutch lady, Dirkje    

    • admin
      4 years ago

      Hi Dirkje,

      First, thank you for writing and the very kind words.It’s always a pleasure hearing from people who read the book. There will be more books and you’ll be seeing Mia, Mia Lynn, and Flynn again.Three Pagoda Pass II is in process now, and soon it will become obvious how all the various “journeys” fit together. I’m very glad you liked it and took the time to contact me and say so.  Again, thank you. I’m humbled by your words. John Rebell.

  2. Liliana
    3 years ago

    Thank you so much for Mia's Journey, can t wait to discover more of your fabulous stories.

    Best of luck from Romania 

    • admin
      3 years ago

      Thaqnk you. That’s a very nice thing to say and I appreciate it.

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